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29 June 2007 @ 05:53 pm
Green Mountain Renaissance Festival  
Well, the Green Mountain Renaissance Festival is only a few weeks away now, and we're very excited! We've grown by leaps and bounds over last year. This year's Festival will feature more than 25 vendors, excellent faire food and a pub provided by The Lincoln Inn of Essex Junction, VT.

As for the story, this year, Henry's only son, young Edward VI, rules the shire.
Or to be more precise, the Lord Protector, the Earl of Northumberland, John Dudley rules in his stead until young Edward comes of age, if he should come
of age. The King is exhibiting signs of illness, and Dudley has started scheming
to try to secure his own family line in the thrown. His son Guilford, and the King's cousin, Jane Grey, are Dudley's chioce for successor. King Edward's sister, Mary, has different plans however. As Henry VIII's first child, she sees herself as rightful heir to the throne, though her father dispossessed her when he divorced her mother. A struggle for power is brewing, and though Mary knows she may be going down, she has no intention of going quietly. Will Mary make a move on the throne? Will Edward stand up for himself? And what about Elizabeth...with which of her siblings will she ally herself?

Of course all this will be decided with a Human Chess Match, and there will be music, dancing and theatre, not to mention Stephen Gratto, Jack-o' all trades, with his highly entertaining ostrich and dragon. And let's not forget that the local Harlequin Specter pirates will be providing a gaming arena where you can try your hand at archery, fencing, axe throwing or a Jacob's Ladder.

So, please join us at the 2nd Annual Green Mountain Renaissance Festival, July 21, 22, 28, 29 at the Champlain Valley Exposition in Essex Junction, Vermont. For more information on the Festival, visit www.greenmountainrenfest.com. Tickets are available at (802) 86-flynn, www.flynntix.org or at the gate (cash only at the gate). See the banner below for a coupon.

Good den, gentles all!
~ Amy

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